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Inspired by the soul of the Havaianas brand, the show’s premise is simple: across a 7.3 KM stretch of beach that traverses Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, we find (punctuated by twelve numbered lifeguard posts/postos) a microcosm of Brazilian society. 

From artists, hippies, fisherman, to rich divorcees and bankers, the show finds powerful characters and tells their universal stories, all the while delivering a vivid & panoramic view of contemporary Brazilian society. Oh, yeah, and they all wear Havaianas fip fops! 

Show aired on Sony Brazil

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Conceived, produced and activated Bwin’s most ambitious branded content platform. 

Filmed in Madrid & Turin over the course of three weeks in close collaboration with Real Madrid & Juventus, the films capture the pure & wondrous emotion of the most defining moment in Sergio Ramos & Gigi Buffon’s careers.  A cast that includes some of the world’s greatest players help provide an intimate perspective on “The Moment”, the meaning of it all, and how they themselves a for “their” Moment — days before the beginning of the World Cup.

The Moment aired across Sky Italia, and surpassed the one million views mark on YouTube

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